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Stress Management and Personal Development Using E.F.T. Hypnotherapy and N.L.P.
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About Helen Rose

Helen Rose Hynotherapist

Having spent my early years as a Registered Nurse I trained in Hypnotherapy in 1995, later gaining a qualification in N.L.P. and E.F.T. My approach is empathic, discreet, non-judgemental and with compassion and a little humour.

My aim is to help my clients deal with their issues in a relaxed and caring environment revealing a beautiful inner self and a changed attitude to life.

I am based in Scarborough.

Welcome to Rose Tranquillity

Stress impacts on our lives in different ways. For many of us it sparks enthusiasm to get things done and some people find a certain amount of stress useful ie by hitting deadlines. Some individuals find their lives go out of balance, function inefficiently allowing stress, tension and associated symptoms to overtake their bodies. This can lead to poor behaviours such as over eating, smoking, alcoholism etc, in a self-defeating attempt to rid the mind of its misery.

Begin to feel amazing after the first session.

Although my speciality is Stress Management, I deal with most aspects relating to stress.

How Can I Help You?

Working intuitively, I combine Hypnotherapy, N.L.P., Timeline and E.F.T. to bring about new and exciting changes within.

E.F.T. Hypnotherapy and N.L.P. effectively changes the way the mind works giving back control to the individual, empowering and enacting new behaviours and creates balance of mind & body

Hypnotherapy and N.L.P. tap into the subconscious while in a beautifully relaxed trance state to discover the solution, that is already within us, bringing back control into our lives. It compliments amazingly well with E.F.T. an emotional version of accupuncture (without needles!) in which you tap onto the energy meridian points whilst thinking of the problem.

E.F.T. clears out emotional debris often allowing physical ailments to begin healing. It works brilliantly in dealing with stress and related problems, as it often uncovers associated core issues that may be so deeply buried that you are unaware of them. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. E.F.T. is a beautifully simple yet very effective way of dealing with life's problems. It can help overcome cravings for junk food, cigarettes, alcohol etc thus boosting a healthy immune system.

Each session lasts approximately one hour and, my expectation is that you will come away with a deep sense of achievement and calmness. You may need a number of sessions and each one should bring about more empowerment.

Do you need help with the following?

Then I can help you, starting from TODAY! Contact me by email at or by phone on 07922099443

Relaxation & Hynotherapy CD's are available for sale.

My Qualifications.


Master Hyp. Dip. (U.K.G.H.E.)

N.L.P. Practitioner.

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